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Alcohol Delivery? What In The Heck Is That?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Ever run dry of vodka or rum to make that signature cocktail you’re famous for when throwing a dinner or pool party? Did it ever cross your mind that your friends will be over in an hour or two and you’re out of wine? What about coming home from a long double shift and realized you’re out of beer? We’ve all been there and we know your struggle.

Life today for everyone here in Anson County is busier than ever before, and planning an event or making an extra stop can be difficult at times. Getting home might be distressing when your favorite cold beer or a tall glass of wine isn’t available, and that means going to the store is just another chore when all you want to do is relax. Forgetting to pick up necessities happens, and sometimes even those important frills fall by the wayside.

For those who have opened the fridge to find they are out of their drink of choice, there is now a convenient alcohol delivery service available. It only takes a few moments to order online from your phone or computer. You simply shop for the items you want, enter your address, and go through the checkout and your items are delivered. The majority of alcohol delivery services today offer their services only in large cities. I guess they don’t realize that small to large town folks like same-day delivery for their items too and let’s be real here, our money here in Wadesboro and the surrounding towns spend just as well as city folks. With DoorXDoor Alcohol Delivery, you can also schedule deliveries in advance for a specific day and time.

This is one of the newest, safest, and convenient services offered to our local community, and here is how it works.

The growing popularity of delivery services has changed how alcohol can be ordered, and it has given customers more options, and it's making our roads safer too. It used to be that local wine shops and vineyards would only ship a large order, but for smaller quantities, it would take a trip to the local store if a person wanted only a few bottles of wine, beer, or maybe just a bottle of liquor to enjoy that day.

One way to avoid going out again, after arriving home and kicking off those shoes and work clothes is to get on-demand delivery from DoorXDoor. We offer our customers a large selection of liquor, wine, and beer for delivery, usually within an hour or two. For those seeking their favorite locally made wine, that’s available for delivery too!

The reason these services can be offered within a short time is due to the fact that we work with local stores and small businesses within our county, and we offer the opportunity for you to choose when the items are delivered. Ordering online on-demand is the fastest service, but orders can be delivered to you the next day if there is no immediate need.

There’s more than just alcohol available, so browsing for ice, mixers, glassware, bottle openers, and flowers for a special night, can be part of the service to complement the items you order. This type of one-stop-shopping is great for gifting, party planning, or just a day when a relaxing bottle of wine with dinner is wanted. Federal and local laws are still to be abided by and will require the person accepting the delivery to provide a valid ID. No exceptions.

Where do you deliver?

DoorXDoor Delivery offers same-day delivery of wine, beer, and liquor to our customers 21 and older across our county. Also, DoorXDoor Delivery has a preferred local vineyard simply called, Vineyard at The Old Place in Peachland, NC. Customers in Anson County can have wine delivered within hours from this wonderful vineyard. The vineyard doesn’t typically mass-produce or mass-distribute, which is even more reason to buy local which supports these small businesses. Through the local vineyard, customers can purchase wines ranging from sweet to dry, white or red, and in-between blends.

What is the best time to use an alcohol delivery service?

Hosting an Office Happy Hour or Colleague’s Birthday:

Office celebrations can be a great way to build team spirit, but it can be nonproductive to take the time to visit the liquor store. Ordering online with delivery directly to the office saves time and also can be scheduled in advance so you can focus on your work before the socializing begins. For an unexpected celebration, liquor, wine, beer, and ice can be ordered and delivered in an hour.

Send as a Gift:

Flowers or chocolates have often been preferred when ordering a gift for delivery, but it might be a nicer gift to be surprised with a bottle of wine or champagne. DoorXDoor Delivery offers residential delivery service across Anson County, so even a last-minute gift for a friend, co-worker, important client, or neighbor can be ordered for on-demand delivery.

Party Planning:

When it’s time to get a party planned down to the last detail, a little help with knowing what to purchase can be a great way to create a memorable celebration. DoorXDoor Delivery is ready to help. Just inform us of the number of guests, time of the event, products to be served, and we can assist with figuring the right selections and amounts that need to be purchased. We can even help with booking a bartender to mix and serve drinks and clean up after the event is complete.

Convenient at Any Time:

There is no need to wait for a special occasion to use DoorXDoor Delivery service, so it can be a regular convenience to order online for all of your food cravings too. If a group of friends suddenly get together, and you don’t feel like cooking, using our delivery service is perfect, or planning ahead for a party can be another option.

For those interested in checking out this service, we recommend our favorite pre-mixed cocktails, Cayman Jacks Margarita 12 pack. They’re so refreshing that it might be a good way to experience our service by having them delivered right now. Just remember, drink responsibly.

If you or someone you know think you may have an issue with alcohol or would be interested in finding out how to stop altogether, DoorXDoor Delivery supports your decision. Please call the Alcohol/Drug Council of N.C. at 1-800-688-4232 or the National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357). It's confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish or you can visit them online.

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