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As we knock DoorXDoor (door-to-door), our motto will always be “Local. Convenience. Delivered." Local businesses and wonderful customers are what drives us, and without that drive, we wouldn't be able to offer quality services. We love delivering food and more to the 25k+ residents across Anson County.

We all are faced with some unusual times right now. When it comes to supporting our local restaurants, your only options might be to order online for delivery and/or takeout due to the half capacity limits set for these restaurant owners to implement. We're dedicated to an #ANSONFIRST approach to keep the community safe. You should consider these five ways to enjoy local food and join us in our commitment to safety.

1. Agree to Contactless Delivery

We can work with you to guarantee there is no contact with your delivery. Just be sure to keep that option selected when placing an order.

2. Ditch the Cutlery

Have even more peace of mind and use your own forks, knives, and spoons.

3. Leave a Generous Tip

The drivers who deliver your food are committed to keeping you and themselves safe. Please remember this when tipping.

4. Help Us Help Our Frontline Workers

You can donate your Delivery Loyalty Points. We're happy to use donated points to help feed our frontline workers. DoorXDoor Delivery will work to provide meals to our local police and fire departments, healthcare workers, and more.

You also can purchase a gift card to donate to those in need, and we know they would appreciate your support. Contact DoorXDoor Delivery to find out how.

5. We Will Still Serve You

If you or someone you live with has tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), we will still serve you. The same can be expected if someone in your home is waiting on test results. We respectfully request that you let us know when you order online so that we can work with you to determine the best contactless delivery option for you.

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