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Cost Effective Ways to Stay Busy, Be Productive, Pass Time, and Save Money

Updated: May 25, 2020

Given the current situation, it's easy to feel down and unmotivated. Watching countless hours of TV and browsing the web can get a little boring. Despite this, there are still routines you can engage in to bring back some feelings of normalcy, helping you feel overall more productive. It is also important to find ways to reward yourself for engaging in productive behavior and ultimately just enjoy your time in this temporary period of quarantine. There are countless ways to feel more productive and below is a list of ideas to help you out of this state of boredom.

To start, why not begin your day with a workout? There are many ways to workout online by viewing some videos from JB Fitness through their Facebook page, or from apps such as Nike Training Club, 30 Day Fitness at Home, 7 Minute Workout, Yoga Studio, etc, as well as countless searchable youtube workouts. When the weather is nice, a walk or jog will always brighten the mood, and studies have shown, walks in a forest can relieve stress that can last

from 7-12 hours. A healthy breakfast is also an ideal way to feel better. There are great options here in Uptown Wadesboro for a refreshing smoothie at Speckled Paw Coffee or delicious omelets at The HUB Restaurant. Now is also a great time to experiment with different recipes with fresh ingredients delivered right to your door right here in Anson County. When it comes to food, you can order online or even preorder your food for a later time from DoorXDoor Delivery, a food delivery service. Buying food from local restaurants is a great way to keep businesses - especially smaller ones - in business during these difficult times. On top of that, juggling at-home schooling, remote working, zoom meetings, chores, errands, and yes, cooking, which these days seem to be 24/7, is quite draining and it's especially refreshing to have delicious meal options at your fingertips.

With more local conveniences, you’ll see that you’ll have some extra time on your hands and would now be an ideal time to get more organized as we shift to new norms. You can start small, such as organizing your room or work desk, and, if necessary, move on to bigger projects while making it fun for the entire family. Also, now is a good time to add some decorations to spaces and make it more your own. I know I have taken this opportunity to do just that!

When it comes time to eat lunch, experimenting with different meals from local restaurants can really “spice up” (pun intended) your day. Using a food delivery service to order online all types of food can make mealtime much more interesting. Why not experiment with different restaurants you’ve never tried before, but always wanted to. If you have kids, engaging them with different types of food is really beneficial in developing their palate, and can be really be entertaining for them, and provide them with a new and exciting experience. With DoorXDoor Delivery, ordering food online has never been easier!

After a long hard day, it's time to relax and enjoy yourself, or with the family. Maybe sit back and watch some new reality TV show, or why not that new movie or series on Netflix such as Dolly Parton’s Heart Strings to lift your spirits. If cravings arise, it may be time for dessert from Sooweet Treats or Oliver’s, and now that the days are long and warm, Peaches & Cream offers homemade ice cream until 9pm. Good thing you can order online and use DoorXDoor Delivery service, which has you covered! Maybe try ordering that new dessert you’ve been craving for now or save it for that late-night snack.

A great way to support your community without leaving your house is by supporting all of our local independent restaurants by ordering online. Another great way to support local businesses is by buying DoorXDoor Delivery gift cards for friends or family in need so that they are able to save money and is a great way to spread the love.

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