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Eat & Drink Like a Local in Historic Anson County

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Ordinary fast-food chains can easily be overrated and tiresome at times for many in towns and nearby cities, a slice of suburbia full of customers driving through and large billboards targeting those hungry customers along the way. This could be quite disappointing to visitors considering the numerous family-owned small businesses, access to fresh ingredients, and the fact that Anson County boasts many quality, but affordable places to drink and dine. A trick to avoid overly processed fast-food is to learn where the locals go to eat. Below are 10 ways to eat reasonably in Wadesboro, North Carolina, and other quaint towns.

1. Morning Coffee (Speckled Paw)

Locals and tourists who are driving to the North and South Carolina beaches pack Speckled Paw, a recent Wadesboro establishment run by husband and wife, Kyle and Myra Poplin. Since the beginning, the two have used organic, fair-trade, and hand-picked coffee Arabica beans which were selected by guys at Cactus Creek. Stop in for a simple latte in the morning or for a granita (semi-frozen coffee-and-sugar brew) in mid-afternoon. Don’t forget to tip your barista for your custom beverage. It’s easy to locate this café as it is located in Uptown Wadesboro on Wade Street. You will find it around the corner from the Ansonia Theater.

2. Lunch (The HUB)

Angel B., a Trip Advisor reviewer, describes the food at The HUB as “Simply amazing.” This family-owned restaurant offers affordable daily specials like delicious southern fried chicken and many awesome grill-to-order dishes. Other affordable options include their breakfast menu and don’t forget their lunch buffet. You can’t just walk into this neighborhood favorite without feeling like a local from the locals!

3. Homemade Ice Cream (Peaches & Cream)

Double Scoop Cookies and Cream Ice Cream on a Waffle Cone

For a cool treat in the heat, homemade ice-cream will satisfy your desire. There are tons of fast-food chains competing and claiming to be the best as we all see from the commercials they air on television. Though delicious, they miss the mark when it comes to artisanal quality that we, here in the south love. Peaches & Cream offers just that! Located down the street from Anson High School on Highway 74, it’s where all the locals and tourist alike sit and gather on the rocking chairs and swings eat ice-cream

Their homemade ice-cream come in a variety of flavors ranging from the classics, like vanilla or rich chocolate, to seasonal fruits like peach and strawberry. Ice-cream cost $3.25 per single scoop, $4.00 for a double, and a triple just $5.00 ($2.00 for a kids), the smallest taste is well worth these low prices. Oh! Don’t forget to take home a cobbler or two!

4. Cakes & Sweets (Sooweet Treats Bakery)

Sooweet Treats, bakery and pastry shop on South Green Street is only one block from the historic Anson County Courthouse and across the street from the Hampton B. Allen Public Library. Head here for delicious sweet cravings such as cupcakes, cookies, sheet cakes for special occasions, and tiered cakes. The most requested dessert is the popular and delicious strawberry cake, a “berry” yummy delight. This moist cake and creamy icing is one dessert for everyone but if strawberries aren’t your thing, try the sweet potato or red velvet cupcakes. Late-night snacking won’t be a problem when you take home one or more of these artisanal desserts.

5. Cocktails (La Suerte De Sake - formally Plaza Jalisco)

In Mexico, the word “aperitivo” means pre-dinner drinks or after-work cocktails. The same goes for Italy and Spain. So if you’ve had a long day at work and need to unwind, get the appetite going like the Mexicans, Italians and Spanish do with an aperitivo. No matter if you prefer to enjoy sitting outside alfresco, dine in or belly-up at the bar, come by La Suerte De Sake - formally known as Plaza Jalisco Mexican Restaurant. La Suerte De Sake offers mouthwatering Mexican cuisine near Uptown Wadesboro, off of Highway 74. Many of the locals hang out here to indulge in their chips and salsa and classic margarita’s.

6. Down-home Cooking (Lady Bug Family Restaurant)

Since the early 2000s, the Lady Bug Family Restaurant, a family-owned small business, has been serving real authentic southern style comfort food for real local prices. It’s located on East Caswell Street right off Highway 74. Their lunch buffet is reasonably priced. Other dishes include a large a la cart menu, including delicious burgers, chicken with mashed potatoes, or barbecue ribs, dishes which are not for vegetarians – however, there are plenty of vegetarian items one can choose from. There are also down-home dessert dishes available if you have room for them. Dine at the Lady Bug Family Restaurant for its many traditional American dishes. The food is delicious and affordable.

7. Subs (Mama Noi’s)

Mama Noi’s is a local favorite when it comes to hot and cold subs, still many locals haven’t yet to discover this food gem. This awesome little restaurant overlooks Wadesboro’s Salisbury Street right before you head into the historic Uptown area. Mama Noi’s serves excellent sandwiches, pizza, wings, and even pasta, but it’s most famous for its traditional Philly Steak, a hoagie rolls stuffed with sautéed beef, onions, and peppers, then covered with melted cheese. This sandwich is delicious, and although very simple, the taste will tickle your taste buds for days to come.

8. Regional cuisine (Oliver’s)

Oliver's is a nice change from the usual. This awesome restaurant dwells in a historic brownstone type building in Uptown Wadesboro on Wade Street, a cool, up and coming area for Anson County. Pastas cost about $11, Burgers and sandwiches from about $6-$10. Operated a lovely wife & husband duo, it showcases many regional recipes in delicious, traditional, and unique dishes such as a PeeDee Melt and who could deny their homemade chips. They offer a full bar for those seeking to unwind after a long day at work.

9. Pizzeria (Papa Joe’s)

Who doesn’t love pizza? Of course, Pizza Hut offers pizza (and we love it), but for the best Italian inspired pizzas go to Papa Joe’s Pizza. The crust can be thin and crispy or thick and breadline to your liking, the pizzas are packed with quality ingredients, and prices are only about $6 for an individual. An added plus is that unlike other pizzerias, Papa Joe’s is a locally owned small business.

10. Wine (Vineyard at The Old Place)

Vineyard at The Old Place, owned by Rodney and Dorrie Evans, in their own words, offers an inviting, friendly environment for folks to come to relax, have a glass of wine, meet new people, tell old stories, and make memories. You choose from several different bottles of wine ranging from sweet to dry and in-between. It has a lovely and peaceful setting designed by nature herself. Local clientele loves the warm and relaxing atmosphere the 2,400 sqft tasting room brings. It is not unusual to see new friendships being formed. The Vineyard at The Old Place is a truly unique addition to Anson County. Cin Cin!

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