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Four Mouth-Watering Stir-Fry Dishes

What’s better than sitting down to a sizzling hot plate of stir-fry? Try four different sizzling hot plates of stir-fry! That sounds like a meal worth remembering! Below are four classic stir-fry dishes that set the standard for fast, healthy, and delicious eating. Stir-frying is a centuries-old cooking technique that originated in China. Using a wok with piping hot oil over high heat, stir-frying causes the ingredients’ moisture to evaporate quickly, thus searing in the freshness. The result is some seriously tasty and completely customizable meals that can also be budget-friendly. Try making one of the four dishes for yourself or better yet, order online with DoorXDoor Delivery and let someone else do all the work. They can bring some delicious stir-fry right to your door within minutes so all you have to do is serve it family-style, step back and take all the credit.

Chicken Teriyaki

Though not a traditional Chinese dish, it doesn’t get much more classic. Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii and were inspired by the island's pineapple and brown sugar. They blended them with soy sauce and the result was a delicious new creation called teriyaki, which literally translates to “glazed” and “grilled.” Teriyaki is a staple on Asian menus everywhere because of its accessible flavors that appeal to even the most cautious eater. If you're craving some now, you can order online from Wadesboro’s very own Jade Kitchen through DoorXDoor Delivery. They offer their own amazing version that’s not to be missed.

Beef with Broccoli

No Chinese restaurant menu would be complete without some version of beef with broccoli — a go-to favorite that’s a perfect balance of flavor and comfort. The dish originated when Chinese immigrants sought to recreate their own Gai Lan Chao Niu Rou or Chinese broccoli fried beef. Using American broccoli, they stir-fried small slices of beef until crisp, finishing everything with a rich, dark sauce made with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. The whole thing is served over piping-hot rice. Beef and broccoli is a dish that covers all the bases of yumminess.

Vegetables and Bean Curd (Tofu)

Calling all vegans — here’s a dish you can enjoy right alongside your omnivore friends. When you stir-fry cubes of bean curd, also known as tofu, they get a crispy outer layer that is perfect for absorbing ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. Add a little spice to that party and you’ll have an unforgettable vegetarian meal. This dish can be made with whatever fresh vegetables you have on hand. Serve over steamed white rice and it’s a scrumptious and guilt-free meal that won’t leave you feeling too stuffed.

Shrimp Kom Pao (Kung Pao Shrimp)

Get ready for something spicy! Those quintessential Asian flavors of chili oil, garlic, soy sauce, and Sichuan peppercorns make this dish unforgettable. It can be made with any type of protein but there’s something extra luxurious about using shrimp. Juicy and pink, they cook in just minutes and are complemented by the sauce without losing their own, seafood identity. Serve this crowd-pleasing entrée over rice or tossed with lo mein noodles and everyone will think that you’ve spent hours languishing in the kitchen.

Hungry now? DoorXDoor Deliver can have any of these four stir-fry dishes and so much more at your front door fast than you can clean and de-vein your own shrimp. Order online and make even the pickiest eater smile come dinnertime.

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